Bespoke Retail & Wholesale Christmas Trees

Online sales and email/telephone orders available now. Retail centres opening from November 24th

Visit the Cotswold Fir Chritmas tree farm at Primrose Vale PYO in Shurdington, Gloucestershire, GL51 4UA. Our bespoke Christmas tree growing forestry operation provides high quality British sourced and locally grown Christmas trees in an environmentally, sustainable manner as a renewable resource ensuring fresh and long lasting bespoke Christmas trees to you every time.

  • High quality Christmas trees grown in the Cotswolds
  • British sourced Christmas trees
  • Cut and true pot grown Christmas trees
  • Member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association
  • Environmental farming practices
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Retail centres

The highest quality Christmas trees are offered and delivered to you in from well managed lands in and around the Cotswold's. Our Christmas trees are planted, grown and meticulously managed utilizing 'state-of-the-art' equipment and procedures to ensure that they arrive fresh to you thus guaranteeing a healthy look well through the Christmas period.

Nordman Fir

  • Excellent Needle Retention
  • A deep, rich green colour
  • Subtle aroma and glossy foliage

Norway Spruce

  • A mid to dark green needle with a unique "Christmassy" scent

Pot Grown

  • A broad selection of sizes
    available in various types of Christmas Trees

Rental Claus

  • This year why not rent a
    Christmas Tree