Pot Grown Trees

Purchase or rent a premium pot grown Christmas tree this year (up to 7 feet tall) and have it delivered right to your door as an environmentally sensible way to celebrate Christmas. After the Season plant your tree or return it whereby it will stay in the nursery for care until next season. Pot grown Christmas trees help reduce your carbon footprint - a clean renewable alternative resource for your home.


Rental Claus - How it Works

  1. Booking a Rental Tree - Prebook and pay for your rental trees at any shop or online (trees are in 35L pots with a saucer)
  2. Tree Collection Instructions - From December 5th a fleet of rental trees are available to select from at your chosen shop (Primrose Vale Farm Shop December 1 - deliveries begin by December 5 also)
  3. Tree Maintenance Instructions
    a) Keep outdoors until needed
    b) Keep away from heat sources when indoors
    c) Water daily (500ml) when indoors
    d) Place tree outside as soon as possible after Christmas (no watering required when outdoors)
  4. Tree Return Instructions
  5. a) Return to our shops prior to January 10th
    b) Write your booking Surname and Phone # on the white label provided with tree.
    c) Attach the label to your tree return it to the shop (for non-staffed return locations - leave the tree by the gazebo/flag)
    d) Deposit refunds are automatically processed back to your booking card and in most cases and within a few days provided the White label is attached to your tree with legable name and number in ink.

    Your tree is then put back in the field for another year…

Rental Terms & Conditions

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